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It has been a very wet and cold time here in Maine thus far. It is so much like Alaska was last summer. The fog finally cleared today (Tuesday) and we decided to drive into the nearest “big” city, Bangor. Bangor is roughly 45 minutes away.

We are staying in Trenton, a small town across the bridge from Mount Desert Island. Our park, Narrows Too, is on part of Eastern Bay and right by the area airport, so we have some air traffic in the area. It is a nice park and, at the moment, is very quiet. That will change very, very soon.

Yesterday (Monday), we decided to take our own small “circle drive” around the Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island (MDI) area. The island is one of the largest islands in the US. This area is quite charming and is part of Acadia National Park. Take a look at the pictures that Candy took below (note from Candy: these are part of my snapshot fest, all taken from the truck because of the drizzle).

We drove through some well-known areas on the island such as Bar Harbor, Seal Harbor, and Northeast Harbor. Most of this island is made up of Acadia National Park and we look forward to taking a trip into the park in the coming weeks. Also, we did not get a chance yesterday to drive over to the Southwest Harbor area but that will happen soon as well.

A lot of famous people like Susan Sarandon and Marsha Stewart spend their summers in this area. We noticed that lobster boats are starting to reappear in the area harbors, which means the tourists will not be far behind. Of course, we are also tourists but have arrived a tad bit early so we would not miss out on seeing this wonderful area before it is totally taken over. Today, we noticed how bad the traffic will get this weekend with incoming visitors for Memorial Day Weekend. The roads are all two-lane so it will be congested here in no time.

Bar Harbor is a small town with a definite New England feel. There are a lot of charming shops and a ton of hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast venues. During our time there yesterday, we noticed a large Princess cruise ship in the harbor. Apparently this is a normal occurrence.

We have noticed a lot of lobster pounds here and will be stopping by one soon. Most of them are not open (at least it seems this way). All of the businesses close early in the evening so we have had to adjust our lifestyle for this (if you do not know, we are late night folks). Oh, and if you want us to send you some lobster fresh from the sea, just let us know!

Enjoy the pictures and look for more posts in the coming weeks…there is a ton of stuff to see here!

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