July 4th in Anacortes!


It is the beginning of the July 4th weekend. Apparently this area (on Friday Harbor) has one of the best fireworks shows in the country. We are looking at possibly going over there tomorrow for the show. Apparently the town is only four blocks by four blocks…

We are getting ready for a good weekend of celebrating our freedoms…thanks to all past and present members of our Armed Forces for their sacrifices for our great country!

When we arrived here to the RV park we were told that they had “high speed wireless Internet.” Well, it must be too high speed for our computers because we could not get on at all, leading us to get pretty frustrated. As you all know, we need wireless Internet to do our computer-based professions. Today was a day to figure this out so we could alleviate this frustration. The local Verizon store helped us figure out some alternatives.

The weather here is so comfortable for summer time…nice and cool throughout the day (at least it is so far). The evening was nice as well.

We did get some rain but, hey, it is the Pacific Northwest so we should expect that, right? Rest assured, we will NOT be getting hoodies like everyone wears in Seattle! There are just some things that we will not do :).

We took a little walk with Chase yesterday when we got here and it is a nice RV park. It has water on two sides of the park so Chaser will have lots of s-w-i-m-m-i-n-g opportunities.

You might be wondering why I spelled out “swimming” like I did. Well, if I say it out loud Chase gets really excited and, as I write this, cannot take him at the present time. Martha Schettler and Anne Haynam, our friends in Hiram, Ohio, can relate to this as can most anyone else who has “Chase-sat” in the past. He is really observant.

He is still worn out from the trip out here…he has been sleeping non-stop since we arrived yesterday. I guess trips like we just made are getting tougher on him as he gets older.

I had my birthday on the 1st and turned 40. I told my grandmother on my birthday that I do not feel 40 years old. I look at Chaser in the same way. To me, he is the six-week old puppy we got in West Middlesex in 2000 who has traveled all over the country with us over the last 10 years.

I guess I need to start treating him as an older dog. On my dad’s 65th birthday in December, I told my dad that he and Chase were both about the same age and that we were having a “Social Security” party for Chase!

Save for the Internet issues it has been a really awesome place to be. We are looking into taking the ferry over to Victoria, British Columbia in the next week or so.

One last thing that might bring a smile to your faces…we were at a restaurant last night and a guy comes in. He had a sea captain’s hat on and the first thing I could think of was “Where’s Tennile?” For those of you too young to understand what I am saying, I am referring to the pop duo of “The Captain and Tennile” from the 1970’s. The captain actually wore a sea captain’s hat in their performances.  Here is an awesome picture or two of the great pop duo (fact: Toni Tennile is an Alabama native):

View Image

For some reason, things like this pop into my head every now and again. At least I kept it to myself at the time (the old me would have blurted it out :)).

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more adventures from your official “Laptop Nomad” crew, the Rices!

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07.14.2010 - 5:22 am

Bo Duke What’s not to love about “muskrat love”? How did they ever come up with that song??

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