the journey and the importance of napkins


Our week in Alabama was interesting and a bit unusual. We had a great time with Tim’s family, enjoying unusual extended time with twin brother Tony and his wife Tracy! We also enjoyed time with Tim’s Grannie and his aunt Chris during our week in Orange Beach. As we were leaving our site in the Gulf State Park (we didn’t even make it to the beach during that whole week! Goes to show you we’re not on vacation!), we encountered this amazing scene at a nearby campsite and just had to stop for a quick photo (below). Can you tell us what doesn’t belong in the picture?

We then drove to Enterprise and spent a night with Tim’s dad and family and met our twin nephews William and Wyatt…so cute! They were asleep most of the time, so we didn’t take any pictures. On Tuesday we left Enterprise to trek cross-country to Maine, making it to Mooresville, North Carolina that night. We dry camped in the Walmart parking lot, along with a few other RVers, and Tim made a little video that we would post on our Facebook page, except for the fact that the unexpected heavy breathing by the camera operator (moi) is pretty disconcerting! 🙂 However, do hop over there for a beautiful, scenic moment from our drive through the Poconos.

Wednesday we drove to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and during a stop at a fast food location for lunch while grabbing an extra handful of napkins, Tim had an epiphany: that napkins are essential for the journey (ours, at least) because they’re good for so many things. Not just wiping our mouths, but wiping up Chase (aka slobber hound) slobber and eye boogers, messes in the truck that result from eating so many meals on the road, the unexpected stop by the side of the road when a bathroom is not to be found, and much more!

In Harrisburg we used some of our Holiday Inn points for a free room and enjoyed two Pennsylvania classics that we had missed since we moved away: Sheetz Made-to-Order food and Tasty Kakes! Yum! It rained most of the time we were in town (and also on our 3 hour drive the next day). After writing my weekly essays for my class during an extended checkout, we hit the road Thursday to the Poconos to spend some time with some long-time friends from my college days, John & Margaret Mathews. They live just outside Jim Thorpe, PA, a charming little town, and have a lovely, secluded home in a gorgeous, heavily wooded (and GREEN!) location! We had such a good time that “just for the afternoon” turned into dinner and an invitation to spend the night, which we accepted. Thanks again, guys…it was great to reconnect!

Friday we left the Mathews and drove to Falmouth, Maine, where we dry camped in another Walmart parking lot, again with other RVers. It rained a good portion of the way, and Tim encountered significant traffic south of Danbury, Connecticut, while I slept. We both answered some questions in Connecticut about how the RV works from an older couple from Maine who cornered us at a rest stop to ask about it. After an hour or two of grading for Tim, we both crashed and slept really well in the cool Maine weather!

Today we drove the rest of the way (about 3 hours) to our home base and are now pretty much set up (with neighbors curious about how the RV works) for the next two months: the Narrows Too Camping Resort in Trenton, Maine. It is about 10 miles from Ellsworth, which has several grocery stores, a Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and numerous restaurants, and just across the water from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park!

We are thrilled with our spot in the park, and with how quiet and cool it is right now! Temperatures today were in the low 60s and it was rainy off and on, but we have a glimpse of the ocean from our spot and look forward to exploring this gorgeous area!

What does not belong in this picture?

by candy

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05.22.2011 - 7:45 am

Mom Too funny! Looks like they’re really “roughing it” – after all, it is a pretty small refrigerator!

05.22.2011 - 2:01 pm

candy You got it, Mom! Too funny!

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