Together again!


We are finally a family unit again!

Chase is back with us and we’re enjoying a fluffy, clean puppy! He’s been sleeping a lot and his bark is a bit “hoarse.” We suspect that he probably barked A LOT while in puppy jail.

Tim made it back safely from Austin, where he enjoyed his time with his players and their parents last night. However, the man is tired! His early morning flight to Dallas was fine, but work on the lavatory on the plane pushed back his flight to Seattle by 2.5 hours. While that gave me a chance to sleep in a bit before driving the nearly 2 hours to SEA-TAC to pick him up, it ate up most of the day, and we decided to wait until tomorrow (or maybe even Thursday) before leaving for Alaska. Tim was thrilled and immediately crawled into bed (around 3:30pm) and hasn’t awakened yet! S-l-e-e-p-y!

I took a nap this afternoon as well, and then decided to take a little photo drive at dusk. There are a few images below…mostly of Anacortes’ beat-up pilings in Fidalgo Bay, and some of the San Juan Islands.

In my drive tonight, I had a really amazing experience! I decided to go to Washington Park (right on the water, past the San Juan Ferry), and this cute little park really captured my heart…I’m going to have to take Tim there tomorrow so he can see it! It was nearly dark when I arrived around 9:45, but the sign said it was open until 10pm, so I decided to look around…rather, drive around. 🙂

Turns out there is a “Loop Road” in the park, a one-way, barely one-lane paved road through around the point, and so I drove it! The road winds along the coast at times, so there I was surrounded by brush right up to the road’s edge, with tall, tall pines and glimpses of the brilliantly colored sky and water through the trees. The truck headlights were on, and as I slowly drove along the road, there were pullouts large enough for 1 vehicle, and then a park bench to sit and look out over the water. A few people were there at various points, but mostly it was deserted.

Then the road took a turn away from the water and deeper into the woods. At times it was so winding and so close to a large tree trunk that I wasn’t sure I would be able to get the truck around the curve without wrapping it around the tree! But as I continued to drive and the night grew darker, I went deeper and deeper into the trees. I had the moon roof open on the truck, and so I could look up at the trees as I drove…it was AMAZING! At one point, I turned off the truck and just sat there for a moment listening to the sound of nothing! No wind, birds, other animals. Nothing. Just peace and quiet.

I kept driving and not long before the road ended, as I was turning into one of those sharp curves (you know the kind, where you can only really see a bit of the road as it bends) I had a revelation! The thought hit me so hard, it was almost audible; and it was this: I LOVE not being able to see all the way around the bend! I think this is true not only in our travels, but also in my own approach to life. Not many years ago, it drove me crazy not to know what was around the corner.

It was just so cool to experience that little road tonight, with the dark and the trees and the beams of the headlights and the brush along the roadside. Wish you were here!

Ok, so regardless of when we leave for Alaska, here are just a few things that need to take place before we go:

  • fill up the propane tanks
  • dump the black/gray water tanks and recharge the toilet
  • empty the refrigerator
  • get gasoline can
  • clean the RV and truck
  • reconfigure Chase’s doggy deck, which broke just before we left for Denver
  • do some final research about the road to Alaska (did some tonight and am excited to get going!)
  • find a really strong high-speed wifi spot to upload some files for a client
  • unpack from the trip and spend a little more time organizing the RV for the drive

Hope you are well and happy…enjoy the photos. My “photo-see-er” is a little rusty, but I’m practicing to get it up and running smoothly again. 🙂

by candy

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07.21.2010 - 5:50 am

Joyful Thanks for the sunset views! That winding road calls to me…

07.21.2010 - 10:53 am

candy Thanks Joyful. Glad you enjoyed the shots. That road is STILL calling to me! Think I’m going to drive it again with Tim. 🙂

08.04.2010 - 9:18 am

Lauren J The pictures are Beatiful!!!

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